The Cascade Heights Indie Market Experience

12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
2343 Cascade Road SouthWest Atlanta, GA 30311

Support your local community and businesses; keep your dollars circulating in the community by shopping at the Cascade Heights Indie Market. Our market is a fun, energetic, inspiring place for you to catch up with friends, support local businesses, and enjoy community events.

Every 3rd Saturday of Every Month

  1. Local events
  2. Local vendors
  3. Priceless community engagement


Atlanta Cascade Heights Indie Market Experience

Are you looking for a way to support local businesses in Atlanta? The Cascade Heights Indie Market is the perfect place; we host local events, invite local businesses to set up stands, collaborate with community organizations, and promote our small business community in a fun, energetic way!

Why Support Local Businesses?

This beautiful city we all call home is also home to many community member-led small businesses that are in competition with larger companies.

Our locally-earned dollars are most effective when they are spent in support of small business owners in Southwest Atlanta. In this way, we can ensure that wealth stays within our community! Do you want to support your local small businesses? Join us!

Sponsors & Partners

A BIG thank you to our sponsors and partners. Want to become a sponsor and get featured? 


Thank you Cascade Heights Community

Thank you so much to those who consistently come out to our Indie Market. Your dedication to our community’s success means everything to us.

Vendor Slots Available

Do you own a local small business? If so, you can get listed online or set up a stand.