What Day: Every 3rd Saturday of the Month
What Time: 12-5 PM
Where: 2343 Cascade Road Southwest Atlanta, GA 30311

Are you looking for a fun, exciting way to get involved with and meet local businesses around Atlanta? If so, stop by the Cascade Heights Indie Market on the third Saturday of the month between noon and five in the evening. Our amazing local Atlanta and Cascade Heights businesses come and set up their stalls and tents for a great monthly experience.

Every time you visit the Cascade Heights Indie Market and support local businesses, you’re putting your hard-earned dollars back into our economy, rather than sending them to big corporations and out-of-state transportation means. One of the best ways you can support local economical growth is by supporting local businesses!

Vendors: If you are a small business in Atlanta and around Cascade Heights that wants to be a part of our Indie Market, get in touch with us today. You can also become listed on our website so that community members can support you outside of the market.

We hope to see you here, we’ll be ready for you!